- Easy to use, compact, and efficient storage solutions
- system to consist of hardware and energy app
- Germany’s 1.5 million solar arrays give storage solutions huge potential

Effective immediately E.ON will develop its own electricity storage system in partnership with Dresden-based SOLARWATT GmbH, which last year successfully launched an award-winning electricity storage system called MyReserve. The first E.ON models will be rolled out in Germany in a few months and will be available in increasingly larger numbers going forward.

The storage devices will be easy to install and, thanks to their modular design, easy to expand to increase capacity at any time. They will efficiently store electricity generated by a home solar system and therefore help customers permanently reduce their electricity costs. The storage system will come with an energy app visualizing the production and consumption for the customer.

“An increasing number of our customers wants to become more energy autonomous. Together with SOLARWATT we can offer them a complete solution that fits their individual needs,” E.ON Management Board member Bernhard Reutersberg said. “We aim to become a leading provider of electricity storage systems in Germany and to continually expand our palette of intelligent solutions for our customers.”


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